Hi there, and welcome to Health By KC!


My name is Kayla Chiorean, and I am a 20-something nurse and aspiring health coach. I’ve created this blog to both document my journey through health coach training and 90 day Total Transformation program. Hopefully, some of my story resonates with you, and you can leave this page either:

A) Having learned something new, or

B) Felt inspired in your own health and wellness journey.

Before I dive in to my own personal 90 day transformation experience, I want to explain quickly how I got here, and what you as a reader can expect from this blog.

I am a graduate of the University of New England with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. I worked at a large hospital for about a year on a medical-telemetry unit, but felt that I wasn’t quite in the “niche” I wanted to be in. So, I moved on to a position in Poison Control, which was absolutely fascinating – but again, wasn’t giving me the full, soul-satisfaction I was searching for. However, moving to a 12-hour-shift desk job shifted a lot in my life; I was suddenly inactive, not eating regularly and/or eating too much, feeling drained even though I couldn’t possibly be physically exhausted, and the pre-wedding weight I had lost a few months before suddenly came piling back on. I will save you a lot of the details, but eventually, I wanted to learn how to be happy and healthy without the use of pharmaceuticals, and I wanted to learn how to nourish my body and feel good every single day, even when I was at a desk for 12 hours. Most of all, I wanted to help other people do the same.

I will say that I am not here to diminish modern medicine. I fully believe that medication can be miraculous and vital. I am not a doctor, and I fully respect and appreciate all the work doctors, PA’s, NP’s, and the like do. Kale is just as important as Keppra. What I do believe in is preventing disease early, and living fully and joyfully. This belief, along with my own personal struggle, has brought me to the realm of health coaching, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

This blog is going to entail my own personal journey, struggles, and successes as I work each and every day to make mindful, healthy choices for my well-being. I will share pieces of my 90 day transformation program with you, as well as tidbits from my own daily life – i.e. health products, new recipes, exercise, spirituality, fashion, makeup, travel, etc.

Questions? Want to chat? Interested in your own 90 day program? Email me at healthbykc@gmail.com, and I’d be happy to hear from you!

– Kayla


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