There are tons of reasons why people want to lose weight, get healthy, quit sugar, etc. If I asked you, I bet there are a few reasons you could think of right off the bat. Maybe you want to get in shape to sport a little black bikini this summer. Perhaps you have a vacation coming up, and you don’t want to look puffy and bloated in your pictures. Or maybe, there is a section of your wardrobe you have just been dying to fit into.

Well I’m here to tell you that that’s not good enough.

It may sound a little bit harsh, but I can ensure you that while all of those reasons may be true, it’s not what is really going to motivate you to succeed. Sure, they are great benefits, but those reasons typically are not enough to power you through to make lasting changes.

What is going to empower you to live a healthy, vibrant life, is finding your “why.”Untitled design

As a health coach, I am trained to help you uncover your why. But, here, I will use myself as an example. This is what I learned myself on the first week of my 90 day program.

When my fellow health coach student asked me what I wanted to accomplish in these 90 days, my first thoughts went immediately to toning up and maybe shedding a few of those extra pounds (which I didn’t really want to admit to anyone). When she asked me why, I answered simply, “So I can look and feel better.”

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I am on the verge of tears. For years, I have struggled with body image issues; I would look in the mirror and see nothing but my stomach and hips that sometimes spilled over my jeans, or the puffiness in my face, or the cellulite on my thighs. One breakdown would lead to the next, and I was either stuffing my face with a f*** it all attitude, or I was restricting to 800 calories a day while trying to up the exercise. This conversation allowed me to realize how much I was at war with myself, fighting between what is “good” and “bad,” and making my self worth about what I ate (or didn’t eat).

I realized that all I really wanted was to be at peace with my body.

Finding this peace and acceptance will calm my inner turmoil. When I am at ease, I can focus on being a better friend and wife. I can focus on how to make other people happy because it lifts my spirits, and I can enjoy every beautiful thing this life has to offer. I can appreciate all the little, unique things that make up who I am, and I can love myself wholly. I can eat for energy, and I can relax and enjoy the special occasions that often center themselves around food.

I am doing this to finally be able to look in the mirror, and not let it determine my self worth.



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