So after weeks of internal debate and pure terror about sharing my new adventure of health coaching with my family and friends, I FINALLY did it. And I still have butterflies in my stomach about it. I have such a need for love and acceptance, and I feel like this path I’ve chosen to take wasn’t “expected” of me. However, every time I coach someone, I know that this is EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.

They say that if you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life. And I finally get that. I don’t dread doing this kind of work; I actually look forward to and enjoy it!

Anyway, now that I’ve “come out of the closet” on this journey, I figured I would share some of my successes with you, now that I am done six out of twelve weeks on it:

1. I find myself making better choices, without even thinking about it. When I start to get hungry and want to reach for a snack between my meals, I don’t even think about the chips in the cupboard or running to Hannaford to get some ice cream. I look in the fridge, and instead reach for something more satisfying – an egg, pieces of fruit, protein shakes or smoothies, peanut or almond butter with celery or apples. And now I feel good almost always, and know what my body needs to feel this way.

2. I have way more energy. I’m not relying on the quick-fix, artificial, caffeinated energy or daily 1-2 hour naps. This was a huge one for me, as for years I have always just felt so drained, all the time. Now when I eat, I feel energized, not like I need to go veg on the couch with my pants unzipped. With more energy comes more productivity, better, stable mood, and less stress.

3. Most importantly, I’m letting go of fear, guilt, and judgement. It used to be a daily battle. How many calories in this? How many carbs? What have I eaten so far today? How long do I have to run to work this off? What if I eat this now and work really hard tomorrow? Heck, I used to ask myself these questions every time I ate… anything. And I would be lying if I said I still didn’t ask myself this. However, it is significantly different for me now; I’ve reframed the questions in my mind to, am I going to physically, emotionally feel good after I eat this? And it has really worked for me. Not only am I making better choices (see point #1), but when I occasionally make the not so healthy choices, I ENJOY it, and I move on. Less guilt, less stress, more peace.

For those of you who are wondering….


It’s so easy for everyone to say, “Oh, it’s just a lifestyle change.” But how the heck do you do it?! That’s what I’m loving about this program. It feels so easy and natural. My lifestyle really is changing, and all by just paying attention to how I feel – not what the scale says or even how my jeans fit. Again, this always seems so much easier said than done, and it is true – but that’s what a coach is for! We will get you there!

As a coach, I really, truly have just one goal in mind: to get you to a place where you love and respect yourself, where you can find peace.

And I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I’m getting there



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