We’ve all been there.

Everything is going great. You’re down a few pounds. Some of your clothes are starting to look baggy on you. You have a lot more energy. You feel light, fresh. Alive.

And then, you’re faced with a challenge. Donuts at work. A night out with friends. Or suddenly you’re craving a giant bowl of pasta. And you think, “I’ve been good lately. I deserve this.” So you have the donut – and that’s fine! But then, you reach for another one. Then, you just NEED some crackers and peanut butter. And you’ve eaten half of the jar and a whole sleeve. When you get home, that pasta is still calling your name. You have one plate. Then two. By the end of the night, you’re feeling sick, sluggish, bloated, and guilty.

You feel like your whole week has been derailed. Either one of two things happen: you decide you’re going to be “good” for the rest of the week and restrict and exercise, or you think, “F*** it, I’ve already messed up, might as well eat/do whatever I want.”

And just like that, you’re off the bandwagon.

This is a very common scenario of self sabotage, and one that I’m sure many of us have been through. What I’m here to tell you today is that this is absolutely normal. It’s human nature.

Breakdown often happens before breakthrough.

Often, change is painful. It requires letting a piece of ourselves go. Subconsciously, I think we tend to resist that; it is not natural to give up our identity. Sometimes, our pain becomes our identity. Even though you have some health issues you want to work on, you probably also have a lot of good things going for you in your life. Therefore, your brain thinks, “OK, let’s go back to the way things were so we don’t lose anything important.” And there we are, off the bandwagon.

This is one of the hardest things you will face on your health journey, whether your goal is weight loss or not – I can definitely attest to it. But, overcoming it is the most freeing things you can do. I’m lucky enough to have two lovely, beautiful women in my health coaching class who are coaching me now, and they are helping me discover things I didn’t even know or realize about myself… and maybe some things I was too scared to face.

And I would be a liar and a bad coach if I told you I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon a few times. But the best thing you can do is forgive yourself. Mistakes are going to happen. And they will probably happen many times. But self loathing and judgement are NOT the pathway to healing. Bring compassion to yourself and your choices, and look at each day as a new beginning. Start the next day with a healthy, filling breakfast, drink plenty of water, and go out for a walk. The world is a beautiful place, and you are a part of it. Enjoy and appreciate it. You deserve to feel good, both physically and emotionally. Fall in love with that, and fall in love with yourself – caring about yourself is not selfish.


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