Hi all!

So in today’s post, I’m here to share my little mini-vacation with you. Treating myself and taking time away from work is not something I do often, but definitely is something I need to do more of; it’s amazing how even just two days away had a huge impact on my stress, mood, and my relationship – for the better, of course! So without further ado, I present to you: A Trip to Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor is a small town on Mount Desert Island in northern Maine and home to Acadia National Park, which is where we spent a majority of our time. It’s a quaint little tourist-trap town with countless locally owned shops and restaurants, and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

My husband, Zsolt (pronounced “Jolt”) and I left early on Wednesday morning to make the 3 hour drive from our town just north of Portland to Bar Harbor. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day: not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze, temperatures in the high 70’s. It was so perfect!

I decided to treat myself a little on this trip, and started with a Blueberry Croissant donut from Dunkin and a small coffee for the drive. We had the windows down, sunroof open, and really enjoyed the drive; there wasn’t much traffic on a Wednesday headed to northern Maine.

Our hotel view

We arrived at about 10 am to our hotel, the Holiday Inn at Bar Harbor. We selected this hotel primarily for the jacuzzi and outdoor pool, which was located right on the water. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of it! (I’m still working on becoming a good blogger!) However, here are some pictures from the hotel website:


We decided to have an early lunch before heading out to Acadia. We had a cooler full of goodies instead of buying lunch somewhere. We packed 1/4 of a watermelon, oranges, almonds, bread/meat/cheese for sandwiches, carrots, hummus, green juices, fruit-protein shakes… I went a little crazy at Hannaford the night before.

Our next destination was a bike rental shop, as we planed to bike the trails of Acadia. I must admit… I was so nervous! I honestly had not ridden a bike in 11 years! Luckily, riding a bike really is one of those things you just don’t forget how to do. However, the bike ride up to the park entrance – which is only just over a mile – was all uphill and absolutely brutal for the both of us, who aren’t avid bike riders. It was a little discouraging, but we trekked on (exhausted after about 20 minutes!) and I’m glad we did, because it was so worth it!


We biked the Carriage Roads, which are gravel paths that wind through the park for hikers and bicyclists only. We had no idea where we were going or what our plan was, so thankfully, we talked with a local hiker who gave us some guidance. We still got lost – not going to lie, the signage in the park was confusing to us – but all in all, it was amazing to just be in nature with each other, without phones or Facebook or email. We rode about 10 or 11 miles in all (plus the trip to and from the bike shop) and let me tell you – it was quite the workout!

After a few hours we headed back into town for some dinner together at Galyn’s restaurant. Zsolt had his first Maine lobster, and although he wasn’t super impressed (neither of us are huge lobster fans), he loved the experience! I chose some baked haddock with wild rice & green beans, and treated myself to a Maine wild blueberry sangria – so good! (I promise I’ll get better at remembering to take pictures!) After strolling around town, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the outdoor jacuzzi followed by a quiet night in our room with a movie and a few more drinks.


We woke up early again the next day and had the breakfast buffet at the hotel, where I feasted mainly on a giant bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, and blackberries. I’ve been on a fruit kick lately, and it just makes me feel really good when I eat it, so it’s been my go-to. I also sampled some sort of blueberry-cream cheese-crepe type thing, which I wasn’t super impressed by, but hey – it was hotel breakfast, not gourmet! We then packed up and headed out for another day in Acadia.

We were on a bit of a time crunch because Zsolt had to work at 4 pm, so we drove up Cadillac mountain, and the views were breathtaking. I’m not the best photographer, but I think the pictures do speak for themselves:


We then hung out on Sand Beach for a while, soaking in another perfect weather day, and traveled over to Thunder Hole. Unfortunately our timing was bad and the tide was out, so we didn’t get to experience the whole “thunder” thing.

We climbed out onto some cliffs and again, just enjoyed each other. It’s so important to step away from our cell phones and social media and the internet sometimes, and just remember that there is so much more to life, and the world is such a beautiful place; it is a shame to waste life staring down at a screen all the time.


Then, we drove back into town to grab a coffee and walk around a little bit more before heading back to Portland. It was such a nice trip! Even though it was barely more than 24 hours, it was nice to be so active and to spend time with Zsolt and enjoy our beautiful state before we move in the fall. New England summers truly are the best!


Sorry for the lengthy post! I think it will be more of a post that I can look back on for me personally, but I hope you enjoyed it as well!


Until next time!





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