It’s become a feared thing. There are tons of product on the market designed to suppress it. We try to eat the “right” foods, “hunger killers” we call them. But I’d like to pose this question – why is appetite so bad? After all, appetite, hunger, & food are what sustained our species and enabled our survival. If we didn’t ever experience an appetite, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

So, we play along with the diet industry and work to suppress our hunger. We starve ourselves, and if we do get hungry in the afternoon, we feel guilt and shame at the thought of eating an hour or two before dinner.

Essentially, we’re taught that trusting our own body is bad. Our body is a traitor. Your brain knows better. It’s seen all the ads on TVs, it’s studied the supplements, it’s memorized which foods are packed with fiber and protein so you can eat as little as possible.

Here’s why you should consider reframing your beliefs about appetite.

When you deny yourself a basic human need – food – you’re not going to be successful at keeping yourself healthy. It’s not sustainable. Your body is craving the things it needs to function properly, and without it, you get the side effects: irritability, fatigue, nausea, etc. etc. etc.

But how do we embrace appetite without an all-out binge fest? Listen to your body. Really listen. So when you’re reaching for the box of Oreos thinking, “But Kayla told me I should embrace this!” Step back and ask yourself, am I actually even hungry right now? And just pause. If the answer is yes, then ask, okay, what is going to make me feel awesome and serve my body best, but also tastes fantastic? Your body is your ultimate dietary authority.

This is NOT just about food.

Appetite expands way beyond the boundaries of what you put into your body. Again, we are told so often that we shouldn’t want. That it is wrong or selfish to want to make more money than we need, or buy an expensive wallet; these things will make you a greedy, bad person.

More money does NOT make you a greedy, corrupt, bad person. While in some cases it serves as a vehicle for corruption – by people who already WERE corrupt and now just have a way to express that – money isn’t inherently bad. Why is it so bad to get what you want, as long as you’re not hurting others in the process?

EMBRACE your appetite – whether that’s for food, your career, making money, sexuality, exploration, adventure – WHATEVER! It is NOT a bad thing to get what you desire, again, hopefully without intentionally hurting anyone in the process.

Just some food for thought 😉



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