PS I discovered Picmonkey, can you tell?

I wanted to do a quick blog post about courage to get some things off my chest and to share my experience with you all.

*Deep breath*…

Courage and confidence are two things that I have always struggled with. I’ve never liked conflict. I’m the one who always keeps the peace, stays far away from the drama, and keeps her voice down. After all, I want people to think highly of me. I want to be known as humble and kind and someone who’s got it together. If I were to raise my voice, speak my mind, or do something completely unexpected, people might think less of me.

I’ve operated this way for as long as I can remember. I’ve valued others and what they think of me way more than I’ve valued myself or how I feel, and lately, I’ve been asking the question…


I’ll be the first to tell you that operating this way leads to a pretty unfulfilling life. Like there’s always something missing, even though I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m never satisfied. It’s like there’s this whole other person caged inside my chest, banging on the walls trying to break free, but I just keep shushing her. Sure, she has a lot of great qualities, but letting her out would be risky. It might change people’s opinions of me, or even worse, they may not like me… So let’s keep her caged up. After all, other people’s opinions are way more important, right?


No more.

She is passionate, driven. She wants the best for everyone and is going to help others and change lives, and do it because SHE wants to, not because it’s what is expected of her. She dives into things headfirst, figuring it out as she goes along, and she does it with a smile and a glass half full. She’s going to take the path that makes her feel authentic, true to herself, and she will be open and honest with everyone she meets. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea… and that’s okay. It’s time to set her free.

Nobody ever changed the world by doing what other people told them. They followed their hearts, they let their faith be bigger than their fears. They took failure and turned it into feedback, and pressed on with the absolute belief that they had what it took to change the world.

And so will I.

It’s like skydiving. Think of your biggest fear… or something you know you should be doing, but you’re holding back. That something is your “jump.” You’re on the edge of that airplane, TERRIFIED. But you’ve made it this far, so you take that leap anyway. And for the first few seconds, you’re peeing your pants and you’re pretty sure you’ve had a heart attack, but then….

You’re flying.

Some thoughts for your Tuesday 🙂

Have a fantastic week!!!



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