Hey all! I hope you appreciate my masterful photo editing skills (lol) even though my shirt is supposed to say “believe” but looks like it says “lie” (awkward..)

Here to talk to you today about a trending topic: mindfulness.

Mindfulness is all about being aware and in the present. It involves really tuning into your body in the here and now: how are you feeling? Where in your body are you sore, tired, tight? How does your energy feel in this moment? What does your breath feel like? What sights and smells and tastes and sounds are around you? How about your sense of touch? What thoughts are racing through your mind right now? Can you let it go?

I think there’s a reason mindfulness practice is gaining ground. It works. And bonus! It works for about every area of your life.

Weight Loss
Mindfulness is an excellent tool for weight loss and really is a game changer for the clients I have worked with. It involves taking a moment before you reach for every meal or snack, and asking yourself: am I physically hungry right now? Unless the answer is YES, drink a glass of water & carry on with your day. How do you know physical versus emotional hunger? I always ask myself, am I hungry enough to eat an apple right now? If the answer is yes, then I’ll eat.

Stress & Anxiety
Mindfulness in the form of a short burst of meditation is ideal for stress and anxiety relief – and it doesn’t need to involve sitting in a candlelit room chanting “om.” All you need to do is breathe. Close your eyes. Feel your butt on the chair, feet on the ground, notice that. Then take a long, slow, deep breath in. Hold it for a moment, and let it out. Notice the sound, smell, and temperature of the air as you breathe it in. Notice your belly moving. Focus in on your breath. Start with 3 to 5 of these breaths at least once a day, and ESPECIALLY when you feel stressed out and ease some of that cortisol.

Family & Relationships
When you give the world the stressed to the max, moody, irritable version of you, nobody wins. Adding mindful meditation, even just the 3-5 breaths detailed above, consistently over time, will change how you handle stressful situations. Taking this moment allows you to tune into yourself and your intuition so you can handle whatever life throws at you. Not only will you benefit, but the people around you will benefit from a more level-headed you, and relationships will be strengthened as you learn to let go of negative overreactions.

God, Universe, Buddha, Spirit, Fate, The Big Guy, whatever you choose as a name for a higher power, mindfulness can help you connect. Emptying yourself of thoughts and negativity creates space for healing, positivity, and open communication between yourself, intuition, and whatever higher power you choose to believe in. Nurturing this connection often brings peace to your life and nourishes this often overlooked piece of you. Again, taking time to connect allows you to make better decisions and learn to trust and love yourself the way this higher power intends for you to.

The secret to success in any and all areas of life is to learn to love yourself.

Want more? Email me at healthbykc@gmail.com. Tell me your goals, where you struggle, and what you’re wanting, and I’ll help you get there!

Peace, love, & om!



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