Happy #FitFriday!

Did you get your workout in? No? Sometimes, there are legitimate excuses. However, oftentimes, we spend more time convincing ourselves why we don’t need to workout or how we don’t have time to workout. If we just took all of that time, you could easily fit an extra workout in – even a 10-15 minute one. It all adds up.

So – what’s adding up for you? The minutes you’ve spent making excuses, or the minutes you’ve spent improving your health? If you’re often making excuses, it’s okay – there’s a way to change that. However, here’s the trick: ask yourself, how badly do you WANT [insert goal here]?

You want it really bad. Sometimes, no matter how bad you want something, it’s just insanely difficult to get your butt up and moving. So how do you overcome that? Here’s a few quick tips to keep you on track and motivated so you can finally reach those goals and stop starting over.

Suck it up and do it first thing.
This goes for anything you tend to put off (laundry, dishes, workout, etc.). If you can check it off your list first thing in the morning, I guarantee your day will go a LOT better. So lay out your workout clothes – or sleep in them! Fill up a bottle of water, tuck it in the fridge. Have a quick snack planned and ready if you like to eat before exercise, and then get it done.

Fake it ’til you make it
I’ve been working on this one, and it’s working! Tell yourself how much you LOVE exercise. For me, I think about how excited I am to get this workout in (even if it’s the last thing I want to do) and remind myself how happy I’m going to feel when it’s done. Honestly – do you ever actually regret doing a workout? Nope! So tell yourself you are PUMPED to do your workout, and eventually… you will be!

Find something you LOVE
If you loathe the gym, don’t waste your hours there. If you despise running, don’t force yourself to do it. Life’s too short to hate any part of it, so make exercise FUN! You’ll get results with anything you stick to. So go surfing, hiking, take a Zumba or a yoga class, go pole dancing, go line dancing, ride horses, push play on your DVD player and get a killer workout in your living room…. do whatever it takes to make exercise something you look forward to! Change your mindset from “ugh, I need to workout,” to “what sounds fun today?”

Join a group
I’m new to the whole group fitness world… but I love it! It is probably one of the most motivating things that I’ve experienced when it comes to exercise, and I am super thankful to have pushed my introverted-self to the side and be a part of something bigger. When you know you have people waiting to hear about your workout, you’ll be MUCH more motivated to follow through.


I hope that was helpful! If you want to talk about your fitness or your health journey, or are interested in joining one of my at-home virtual fitness groups, schedule a FREE discovery session with me! Can’t wait to hear from you!!



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