If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately… and I find that some of my best posts (in my own opinion anyway!) have been the ones where I share my struggles – which are usually common ones – and how I overcame them. So today’s topic is…

How to own your “you”

I still catch myself doing this sometimes… do you ever take a million selfies, or type out a Facebook status, or select an Instagram filter, and think…. what will people think of this? I found – and still find – myself doing this quite often. In fact, I almost all but stopped posting on social media at one point and thought about deleting some of my accounts because the overwhelm was getting to me. Not only that, everything on social media was always so negative…. full of blame and criticism and racism and violence… would people start to attack ME if I decided I was going to rise above that? (spoiler alert: they didn’t).

Let’s dive a little deeper.

So you’ve caught yourself wondering what will they think of me? So now I challenge you to ask yourself this question: what is the worst thing that could happen? Often, I found myself making up all of these negative stories about how people would react, even when I knew that the stories weren’t even remotely realistic. So I started asking myself this question…. and found that most of the time, the worst thing wasn’t so bad. And the worst thing never happened.

What’s underneath all of this? A fear of not being loved. A fear of becoming isolated and losing respect, or even losing people who are close to us. So we stay in our little shells, unfulfilled and possibly even depressed, going through the motions of life without really living.

There’s more to living than being alive (-Anberlin)

The best way to actually LIVE instead of just being alive?

Learn to love yourself. I mean really. Make the active choice to love yourself. Every. Single. Day. Wake up and list 5 things you love about yourself. And then list 5 things you’re thankful for. Set up your day in a positive manner, and positive things will come to you. Don’t roll your eyes and tell me I’m a fruit-loop (or other more unfriendly term) because you’re afraid of actually owning and acknowledging who you truly are. Getting defensive? Put your pride to the side, and do this. Make the list. Not just once, but every day. For a week. Then you can tell me how fruity I am….

You are beautiful. Your laugh is infectious. You are kind, gentle. Your heart has good intentions. You have a nice booty. Your hair is flawless. You’re pretty funny. You are brave. You are loyal. You speak your mind. Your eyebrows aren’t the same shape. You sometimes can be socially awkward. Or you can be full-blown awkward. You are shy. You are the life of the party. You kicked ass at work yesterday. You are determined. You are passionate. You are driven. You are awesome at doing your makeup. You suck at doing your makeup. You can cook like a top chef. You often set food on fire…

It doesn’t matter what you are. These things… all the positive and the “negatives” (which aren’t really negative, trust me) make up who you are. And I promise, you are good enough. You are enough. Think about it. There is LITERALLY no one on the planet like you. No one. How cool is that?! Why don’t we spend every freaking second in awe of how amazing we are?! Or awe-ing in general about how beautiful life is?!

Post the status. Upload that picture. Go to that party. Crush that job interview. Hit “submit.” Whatever you’re afraid of today, do it. After all, what’s the WORST that could happen?!

….and what’s going to happen if you don’t take that chance?

The choice is yours.



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