I’m always trying to better myself and try different things to remain healthy, positive, and productive. For the past few days, I’ve been really trying to ask myself this question:

What am I YES-ing?


The purpose of this question is to think of when you say no to something, what are you saying yes to? Let’s take your health, for example. When you say “no” to the 12 piece chicken McNugget meal from the golden arches, what are you saying yes to? Better health, more energy, no bloating, weight loss, healthy lifestyle, better food, perhaps?


Claim the power inside of “No”

The word “no” has a lot of negative connotations to it. However, there’s also a lot of power in “no.” Think about it: when you say no to the McNuggets, you’re saying “yes” to so many amazing things that will do so much good. This also makes the “pain” of not having the nuggets a lot more bearable, to the point where you’re not even sure why you wanted them in the first place – well, at least it’s happened to me!


What I’ve been YES-ing….

So I’ve been taking this question and applying it EVERYWHERE and with every choice I make. From my workouts, to my business, to my finances, to my diet, to my free time… it’s actually amazing, and is really helpful when you have a big decision to make…

I’ve been on the fence about a business training program. I feel that I really connect with the young woman who created it, and her values and story mirror a lot of my own. She has the kind of future I want to build for myself… but it’s the money thing. I haven’t been employed full time since August, and while I am so grateful for a comfortable savings account, it hurts to dig into that…

So I’ve had to ask myself: if I say “no” to this program right now, what am I saying “yes” to? To be honest, the yes’s far outweigh the no’s. I’m not making any hard and fast decisions right now and am still praying for guidance until the deadline for sign up approaches, but being able to step back and view this a little more objectively has been INCREDIBLY helpful.


Now it’s your turn….

I wrote this to help those who are struggling with their desires and how to get there. Next time you’re faced with a decision that’s going to bring you closer to your goals (your next meal or workout, or maybe your next purchase, or what to do with your free time), ask yourself the question:


What are you saying YES to? And what are you saying NO to?


Want even more clarity? Schedule your free discovery session with me today!



All my love,



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