I’ll admit it… I was one of those people who totally rolled their eyes at “health coaching” and thought it was some frou-frou kind of joke. In fact, I was probably in this mindset for the first few weeks I put myself through the Total Transformation program. I was just honestly desperate and willing to try ANYTHING to get the health & body I wanted…

Then, I had this “A-ha” moment. I was constantly self sabotaging myself, though I didn’t recognize it as that for years. I was in such a war with myself that there was no possible way I could win or achieve my goals. Deep down, I didn’t feel deserving of having what I wanted. To be honest, it’s still something I struggle with often. However, I’ve learned so much about myself and completely rewired my brain to recognize that I am worthy of receiving everything I want and everything God has planned for me.


Escaping that kind of pain was incredible. It was a freedom I had never experienced before. I didn’t even realize how much pain I was in until I broke down during one of my coaching sessions, and looking back, it makes me sad to see what I was doing to myself. That’s why I’m doing this.


That’s the reason I want to give away a Total Transformation package.


NOBODY deserves to hate who they are. No one should feel as though every bad thing that happens to them is well deserved and to be expected. It’s such a dark place to think that there is no light….

Surprisingly, conquering any and all of your inner demons starts with taking care of yourself back to the very basics: nutrition and exercise. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy? You can’t get to the top of that pyramid and reach true happiness until you take care of the bottom, starting with your physical self.


Learning how to love, respect, and treat your body is the most powerful thing you can do.


Everything good is going to stem from that. I know – I didn’t think it was true, either – but I am living proof. When I’m not on top of my health, everything else seems to crumble. Luckily, I have strategies now to always get me back on track before I fall down that hole again. And whenever I make the commitment to take care of my body, everything else starts looking up… it’s crazy!!


Let go of your fears. Let go of your preconceived judgements of what coaching is. Open up your heart and your mind to the possibility of living the life you’ve dreamed of, and EXPERIENCE it.


Ready to enter the giveaway? CLICK HERE to enter now, it’s simple!


Always on your side,



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