Do you ever plan to wake up and work out first thing in the morning, but then miss your alarm? Then, do you plan to do it before lunch, and then get caught up in chores? Then do you plan to do it in the afternoon, but lose track of time with errands? Then do you tell yourself you’ll exercise before bed, and then just crash and start the pattern again tomorrow?


I was in that boat for a while, too. The worst part is when you’re just plan mean to yourself because you feel so awful for missing your workout…. Again . And so the unhealthy cycle of punishment continues…


So, how do you NEVER miss a workout?

Throw away the workout calendar. Throw away the weekly workout plan. Throw away all of your expectations.


Hear me out. If you’re like me, these stupid calendars never work, because they don’t take into account the fact that you are HUMAN! You’re not going to have the energy to run 6 miles every day, nor are you going to have any desire to move around some heavy things on Wednesday… Or there’s the chance you or a family member gets sick, or there’s a meeting you totally forgot about…. LIFE HAPPENS. But…


That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your workouts.

It sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but I’m not. Listen, if you have zero desire to do pushups and squats, then DON’T! Do something fun! Go out for a walk because it’s a beautiful day and you never know when your last one will be. Go for a swim at the pool because you feel like practicing your underwater handstands from your youth. Convince your spouse to play tennis with you and subsequently just chase after the balls for an hour because you both suck at it. Invite your friends to go to the club tonight and dance the night away. Do yoga to melt away your stress. Go to spin class because you want to try something new.

Just make the commitment to doing something active each day… and make sure it sounds FUN to you! It doesn’t have to be a super long time… a 20 minute walk is better than no walk at all. You’ll be a lot more likely to stick to your workouts if you actually enjoy them!


Instead of a workout calendar, create a workout journal instead. That way you can track what you have done, so on the days you want to amp up the intensity and focus on one body part (like legs), you’ll be able to see the last time you did it – or if you should be focusing on upper body instead.


Don’t make fitness something you dread. Make it creative, new, and fun – and there’s no way to fail!!!



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