Hi all!

I apologize for being a little MIA lately. I’m trying to work on the whole nursing-business-coaching-life balance thing and take a serious social media detox… but that DOESN’T mean I want to be neglecting my blog!

It’s amazing what your mind can do – it can quite literally either make or break you. I used to be consumed by negativity, but over the past months, I’ve been very impressed with myself. Whenever I start getting negative, now I have the power to stop it in its tracks and not totally derail.

A big part of this is positive affirmations, or sayings. I’ve been writing down a bunch as I’ve been thinking of them, and I thought I would share:

Be honest with yourself.

If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

If it doesn’t bring you joy on any level, it’s not worth doing.

Have courage and be kind.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

True happiness comes from not serving yourself, but from serving others.

Find your passion, and let nothing stop you.

Get outside more.

Listen to your body, mind, soul.

If you are being true to who you are, it doesn’t matter what others think.

Do something today that will make your tomorrow better.

Laugh every single day.

Treat yourself.

Love yourself.

Accept and honor yourself.

If you’re not following your heart, you’re doing it wrong.

Have no shame in who you are.

Find strengths in your weaknesses.

Challenge your brain.

Find good in others, regardless of their opinions.

Acknowledge others every day, no matter how small the gesture.

Be fearless.

Or do it scared.

Push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Let go of material things.

Instead, find ways to grow experiences.

Never let money stop you.

Never let money control you.

Accept that you may have to make sacrifices, as long as it’s for the greater good.

Keep your eyes forward, not backward.

Live each day with intention, and write it down.

Look in the mirror, and love the reflection. No matter what.

Cultivate and nurture close relationships daily.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be vulnerable.


Have patience.

Do not worry about the things you cannot change.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then you aren’t trying hard enough.

Always on your side,



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