As a whole, we tend to focus on the negative. And that can get really freaking annoying.

It’s so easy to follow the crowd, join in the pity party, complain about how awful 2016 was…. Instead of recognizing the joy that also came with what was definitely a trying year. Ugh, positive people are so annoying! If that’s what makes me annoying, I’ll take it over a negative soul-sucker any day.


2016 was one of the best years of my life.

  • Celebrated 1 year of marriage with a man who shows me unconditional love daily
  • Took control of my health and life through health coaching
  • Got certified as a holistic health coach
  • Summoned the courage to make HUGE life changes
  • Quit my job with no plan but big dreams
  • Traveled across Europe for over a month
  • Moved across the country
  • Been to Disney World 3 times so far
  • Landed my DREAM job
  • Zsolt FINALLY realized his dream and got an engineering job
  • Gathered more courage to put myself out there as a blogger/coach/social media presence
  • Wearing sundresses in December and playing on the beach for Thanksgiving
  • Strengthened my faith


I could go on. Sure, there were a LOT of difficult things that happened (and are happening) worldwide right now. It completely breaks my heart. But I also believe in the power of kindness. Forgiveness. The best change stems from a place of humble generosity and faith, not violence and anger. While anger can certainly be justified and used as a tool to propel a worthy cause forward, just know that it can equally propel a negative one.


Kindness is not weak.

Focusing on the beauty of life isn’t stupid.

It’s ridiculous for me to feel ashamed for having an amazing year.


While we’ve all faced trials this year that may feel like they completely broke us, you’re still here. And if you dig deep enough, or just look around you, I 100% know you can find something beautiful from 2016. Even in your darkest days, there was always light – or else you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.





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