Let’s Talk GOALS

It’s that time of year again!

Time for us to set some goals and make that new year’s resolution (that 98% of us don’t stick to, yay!).

Are you ready for something different this year? Do you want to be a part of the 2% that actually crushes their goals? Do you want to look back this time next December and think holy $h*t, I did it!? Then let’s set some goals!


  1. Dare to dream big!

Don’t hold yourself back. Let go of what’s “realistic.” Sit down and answer the following questions:

  • If I could have anything in the world, what would it be?
  • What would an ideal day in the life look like for me?
  • What’s my biggest wish?
  • Who/what is most important to me?
  • What were my dreams as a child?

So often, we limit ourselves before we even begin. We tell ourselves that we don’t want something, or it’s shameful to want something, so we don’t have to feel failure later on when we don’t get it…… So we do what we’ve always been told. “Be realistic.”

Let all of that go. Achieving your goals starts with dreaming big. Walt Disney didn’t create an empire by saying he dreamt of making one cartoon, and then when it didn’t work out, give up….


  1. Write it down!

This one is so easy to skip, but research has shown that those who write down their goals are actually more likely to achieve them! I recommend getting a pretty planner, and usually there’s a page for your goals. Write them all down there, or take out a blank sheet of paper. Make it visually appealing! Break out the stickers! Make this something you WANT to look at!


  1. Break it down!

Once you have your big goals written down, it’s time to break them down further. So let’s do an example: say your goal is to lose 50 pounds this year. So you break it down like this….

  • Have a goal of losing around 5 pounds each month
  • To reach that, you will log what you eat at least 6 days a week on an app
  • You will exercise 3-4 times a week. To do this, you will plan out your week ahead of time and schedule these times in so you don’t miss them.
  • You will eat as clean and healthy as possible. To break this down further, you will discuss your intentions with your family. Together, you will find yummy healthy recipes to share. Then you will plan out meals for the week, budget, and prepare!
  • You will go to YouTube and Pinterest often to find inspiration and tips
  • You will set up accountability with either a buddy or a coach, and reach out to them when you’re struggling


  1. Take Action!

Now take a look at all your little steps. Decide which ones you can do this week – only take on one or two things at a time, and put all your effort into making sure you achieve them. This is where you want to be realistic. If you’ve never been to a gym before, don’t expect to be going 6 days a week for 2 hours each day in your first month… take it SLOW so you can be successful!


  1. Believe in yourself!

You’re going to fall off track sometimes. You won’t always meet your weekly goals. But don’t beat yourself up about it! All of the most successful people (Disney, Oprah, Jobs..) were super unsuccessful A LOT of the time before they hit the jackpot. The only difference is that they never gave up!

You can have anything you desire. You must believe that! Know that it will take work and time, but nothing is impossible. So when things look bleak, just remember WHY you’re doing all of this. Focus on how much better your life will be WHEN you reach your goals, and let that drive you! Be driven by SUCCESS and not by failure!


Always rooting for you,



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