My personal new year’s resolution is what has inspired this blog post. Mine is quite simple, but holds a LOT inside of it:


Be bold.


I’ll talk more about what that means for me later, but as I was sitting in church this morning and thinking about all of the resolutions floating around this time of year, and thinking about how often we don’t stick to them, it came to me….

So many of us fail because our resolutions don’t mean anything.


Harsh words, right? (That’s me being bold! Yay!)

Think about it, though. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise. Gyms are flooded for the next month or two, fitness classes are booked, and there’s a whole lot of fresh produce to be found in fridges across America… and that’s amazing!


While it lasts.

Then come the excuses… The falling off track and the unfortunate feelings of failure. Until all of a sudden it’s December again, and we’re making the same resolution for the 10th time. I think that maybe it’s because our resolutions don’t have enough MEANING for us. They’re not super inspiring, motivating, or life-changing, so we end up going back to the way things always were and make the same silly promises every January with no results.


So here’s the challenge: make your resolution MEAN SOMETHING.


If your resolution is health and fitness related, that’s amazing – believe me, I want everyone to be healthy, fit, and happy! But you have to dig deeper. WHY do you want this to be your resolution? What is being healthy, happy, and fit going to do for you? And once you achieve that goal, what are you going to do with your newfound health?


Ah, there’s the shift.

You’re moving from a “me” focus to an “others” focus. How are you going to take your experience and serve others and make the world a better place? Maybe you’re going to teach your family healthy habits, and change their lives, too. Maybe you’re going to become an Instagram inspiration and inspire others to take on a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re just going to have so much more energy that you’ll be able to volunteer within your community.


Take your resolution and make it matter. Not just to you, but to the world.

Another example? You want to save more money. Your spending habits might change for a month or two, but then you seem to all of a sudden be back at square one with no change in your savings account balance…. So what do you do?

Make that money mean something.


Let’s say you want to put an extra $20 a week away. WHY? Perhaps so you have some money to take your kids on vacation to Disney for the very first time and watch their eyes light up. Maybe you want to save money for an engagement ring so you can give your future-spouse everything they deserve. Maybe your family lives across the country, and you want to save up for regular plane tickets to see them more often because time with loved ones is rare and invaluable. Perhaps you just want to save for retirement so you can enjoy your golden years surrounded by children and grandchildren with a heart full of love versus a heart that’s fearful of the day you can’t work anymore.


Whatever your resolution is this year, don’t just make it about you. Make it about spreading love, kindness, and service, and chances are you’ll be way more successful!


To your best year yet,



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