Over the past few weeks, I’ve gained a LOT of clarity.

I love health and fitness. I believe that without health, we essentially have nothing; we can’t enjoy life without our health – or at least it’s pretty hard to! I believe in self-love, treating your body well, and living a healthy lifestyle…. But that’s not all I believe in.


I think that when most people think “health coach” they either think “network marketer who wants to sell me stuff” or “weight loss coach.” Which is kind of annoying, because my focus in health coaching is neither of those things. My focus is helping people feel their BEST internally and learn to love themselves so they can live their life to the fullest and accomplish any dream. Weight loss is just a side effect. And while I am associated with an MLM, I could care less if you  buy products from me. I just like them myself, so I share them!


While I love everything about health and fitness, I don’t want to lock myself inside of a box – especially when I know inside that while healthy living is important, it’s actually NOT what I’m 100000% passionate about. So, what am I 100000% passionate about?


Creating and living the life you dream of. Breaking down barriers, removing fear, and becoming the person you’re meant to be.

That’s why I’m deciding to transition into lifestyle and clarity coaching. I want to help people recognize what they truly want from life in ALL areas – not just health and fitness, but also career, relationships, finances, happiness… ALL of it! There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck. I got myself unstuck, and I know I can help you, too.

When we’re free and living out our dreams, I believe that so much good comes from that. Not just for the individual, but for the world. When we live our true purpose, we’re serving others in some way. When we all begin to serve each other, the world becomes more peaceful. When we feel at peace, we volunteer outside of our career to make our communities better, too. We inspire our family and friends to do their best and spread love and kindness through fulfilling their own dreams.


I know it all sounds a little hokey… but the truth is, embracing “hokiness” is what has gotten me here today. I am successful, happy, adventurous, and fearless when it comes to dreaming big. I honestly believe if more people embraced all the cheesy Pinterest-esque inspiring quote pictures, that more people would be fulfilling their life’s purpose (because we all have one, you may just not have discovered it yet).


So, you’ll be seeing some new content and programs from me! Health and fitness will still be a large part of what you see around here – in fact, I’m working on an E-Book and Health & Fitness online course for you in the future! But now, you’ll also be seeing topics like relationships, finances, career, business, organizing, travel, DIYs, you name it. PLUS, a new 90 day lifestyle coaching program is in the works! SO COOL!!! (I’ll also be looking for beta testers for all of these new things… so make sure you’re subscribed to my email list!)


Life is such a beautiful gift. I’m so thankful for every experience, and grateful for the ability to change course.


As always, thanks for being here with me! Can’t wait to share new things with you all!



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