Hey everyone! I’m here with an update on my February Challenge! (Click here to read that post!)

The hardest part….

Not going to lie, the first week was rough…. Even with my scheduled cheat day on Superbowl Sunday! I think the hardest part was cutting out coffee. By the third day, I was definitely having some caffeine withdrawals. I was cranky, exhausted, and foggy. It was NOT a fun time.

However, as the week went on, my body began to adjust without the caffeine. I upped my water intake and continued eating whole foods, and it just got easier. I think the most difficult piece about giving up coffee is that it’s a definite comfort food for me. There’s nothing quite like lounging on the balcony on a cool, sunny morning, watching the birds on the lake, sipping from a warm, creamy cup of coffee….

I am going to try to find some sort of replacement. I can’t really do tea… it’s just not the same! So I’ll do some experimenting with warm drinks sans caffeine and will keep you posted!


Breaking bad habits

The diet piece hasn’t been all that bad. I did have to cut some nasty habits that were creeping up… like stealing graham crackers and saltines from the nursing station kitchen and relying on packaged foods for snacks.

While yes, I did cave and have a Larabar as a snack one day, that was the ONLY packaged food I’ve had this week… and I’m pretty proud! I’ve been snacking on more fruits and veggies, and have therefore been feeling a bit leaner and less “hangry” all the time.


Here’s what my week looked like:

Wednesday, February 1

BREAKFAST: Smoothie w/ Shakeology, fruits, chia seeds

LUNCH: Homemade curry w/ chickpeas, red peppers, onions, and rice

DINNER: Salmon w/ rice, beets


Thursday, February 2

BREAKFAST: Smoothie w/ Shakeology, fruits, chia seeds

LUNCH: 1 banana, 10 dates, handful cashews (not my best lunch ever)

DINNER: Stir fry w/ chicken and veggies


Friday, February 3

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal w/ banana, cinnamon

LUNCH: Smoothie + salad

DINNER: GF pasta w/ zucchini, onion, marinara


Saturday, February 4

BREAKFAST: Smoothie w/ Shakeology, fruits, chia

LUNCH: Leftover stir fry

DINNER: GF pasta w/ zucchini, onion, marinara


Sunday, February 5

BREAKFAST: Smoothie w/ Shakeology

Snacked on fruits/veggies through the afternoon…

DINNER: Superbowl! J


Monday, February 6

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal w/ banana, blueberries, PB

LUNCH: Shakeology w/ fruit, greens, chia

DINNER: Stir fry w/ chicken, veggies, rice, Caribbean Mango sauce


Tuesday, February 7

BREAKFAST: Shakeology w/ fruit, greens, chia

LUNCH: Leftover stir fry

DINNER: Chicken breast w/ green beans & fruit


Wednesday, February 8

BREAKFAST: Smoothie w/ Shakeology, greens, fruit, chia

LUNCH: Baked potato w/ salad

DINNER: Chicken breast w/ broccoli, rice


What my diet has been like…

For simplicity, I use leftovers a lot. I’m not a huge fan of cooking nor am I very good at it, so usually I’ll double a recipe so Zsolt and I can have lunches for the next day or so.

I did snack between meals. This week I had mostly dates and berries… fruit is definitely my choice snack! Although I noticed that now that I’m cutting out the processed foods, I don’t feel the need to snack as much anymore…..

I’ve been trying to stick to just ONE serving of meat/day to try and keep my diet more plant based, but where I’m relying so heavily on leftovers for lunch at work, I haven’t been 100% on that. However, I’ve had days where I have ONLY had plant based foods, too. I’m not going to be crazy strict with myself because it’s just not always realistic, but this is something I can always strive towards.


Cutting more beverages

Aside from Sunday, I’ve abstained from glasses of wine and Coke Zero. The wine was easy enough to give up, but I feel like all my Coke Zero/Diet Coke people can relate… I swear the chemicals that make it are addicting! However, I feel better knowing that I’m not putting that stuff into my body on a daily basis….


Week one wrap-up:

I’m starting to feel really good. The first few days were pretty tough, I can’t lie about that. But I swear you can feel your system start to sort of flush things out and detox itself! I’ve noticed that I have been waking up a little easier; I don’t feel quite so groggy for quite as long, and I haven’t changed the hours I sleep at all (I average about 7.5 hours).

I’m excited to continue on this pattern! It is becoming easier and I have to think about it less now. If you’re trying to clean up your diet, know that the first week DOES take some willpower. I cleaned my pantry of all of my go-to processed snacks before starting the challenge so I wouldn’t be tempted – and it’s saved me a few times! After the first week, you WILL start to reap the benefits, promise!


Until next time!Signature


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