So I think this is week 2? This is the last time I ever start a challenge mid-week… I have no idea what week I’m on!

Anyway, regardless, I have NOT been good on the challenge this past week. Granted, I’ve definitely been pretty good, but a number of factors (call them excuses if you must) came into play….

  1. My family cat died unexpectedly. I had coconut shrimp and a pineapple-coconut martini in his name. I also realized that food & drinks are a definite coping mechanism for me….
  2. I had a friend come visit from up north. We went out for dinner & drinks.
  3. I had wine & cookies on Valentine’s Day.
  4. I’ve had about 3 cups of coffee this week….
  5. I’ve slipped up and had some dairy & packaged stuff.

Am I super proud of the above? No. It’s pretty frustrating…


I do not regret the dinner I had with my husband after my cat’s passing. I do not regret going out for drinks, dinner, & coffee with a long-time friend that I haven’t seen in over a year. I actually feel really good about that.

Life is all about balance. Even in these challenges, as long as I’m not over-indulging, I don’t really have too much of a problem with it. Here’s the thing with me however:

Once I let myself go, even a little bit…. I really GO.

Hence #5. Once I “treat myself” and have a little something outside of my challenge guidelines, it easily becomes a pattern for me. Then days suddenly pass and I’ve been eating (and admittedly feeling) like crap, and I’ve gotten so far off track that I think about giving up on the whole thing.

Sound familiar?

Here’s how I’m changing my mindset: focusing on the POSITIVE. Like this:

  1. I’ve ONLY had 3 cups of coffee this week…. Versus 2 cups a DAY.
  2. I don’t need a nightly glass of wine anymore. I only drink with others and on special occasions.
  3. I’m still making better choices with food. I avoided the cupcakes at work yesterday like a champ. I’m including extra greens and coconut oil in my smoothies.
  4. I’ve been good with my workouts and have been more active in general.
  5. I’ve been so happy and grateful that I get to catch up with friends.

So, if you’re in a rut too and keep taking 10 steps backward, here’s a truth bomb for you:

It doesn’t matter anymore.

What matters now is what you do TODAY. Don’t focus on the should’s/should not’s. Ask yourself which food choices will ENERGIZE you and make you feel good? (Hint: it’s not the donuts at work). What could you do today that sounds FUN and active? You don’t have to follow a set routine. Just get yourself out there and do something enjoyable!

The world is a negative enough place. Don’t add to it by focusing on the negatives about your past. As Walt Disney said, “Keep moving forward!”

On to week 3 (I think)!



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