This week, I took a “me” day: I went to Disney’s Epcot,  picked up  a coffee from Starbucks, grabbed some French macaroons from the France pavilion, and sat down near a small, secluded pond in the Japan area before the lunchtime crowds came. I emptied my head of all of the things I was “supposed” to do that day, opened up my book, and enjoyed the Florida sunshine.



I’m currently reading “How to be like Walt” by Pat Williams. Yes, I’m a little Disney obsessed, but I find that Walt’s grit and refusal to give up is super inspiring. As I read, this small section really stuck out to me:

IMG_1161 2

I sat and reflected on that. Walt created Disney World not only as an escape, but as an inspiration for others to bring more goodness into the world. I realized that that is exactly why I’m so passionate about health and what has lead me to become a health and lifestyle coach.

So… how do you find hope in a hopeless world?

Turn on any news station, and you’ll see that the world is a pretty messed up place right now. It’s both sad and scary. It’s so easy to get sucked into the negativity and pessimism that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. We can start feeling hopeless, and that’s when we stop actively trying to bring good into the world…. And so the world continues down the same path.

That spirals into other things in your personal life: poor eating habits, limited activity, which translates into feeling like garbage. When we feel like garbage, we’re even MORE likely to be grumpy and not want to bring light into a dark world. Why bother, right?

It’s important to not get caught up in all that. Take a deep breath, and notice how you feel right now. How you’ve felt lately. What you want to change. The best part about change is that you can start at any moment. Why not make your moment now?

When you really start to nourish your body and stay active, you notice a difference. You feel better and you have more energy, which leads to you doing things you enjoy, which leads to joy, which leads to wanting to share that with others. When you share joy with others, you inspire them to break free – even if just for a moment – and appreciate the goodness of the world with you. Maybe that will be enough that they will want to make changes, too, and start sharing the light…

I don’t believe we’re born pessimistic or hopeless – just look at children. They’ll ask for ice cream every single morning for breakfast until you give in… maybe even weeks later. That’s determination and optimism that won’t fail!

I think that the key to making the world a better place is finding your unique way of doing so. Walt created animations and theme parks. Some people write books or create music. Some people perform random acts of kindness. Some people volunteer at homeless shelters. Some people become motivational speakers. Some people want to coach others to take care of their physical selves so they can DO and FIND their purpose. Take whatever it is your passionate about and find a way to make the world a better place with it. Find your gift or your magic and shamelessly, fearlessly own it.

The world needs you : )



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