Every International Women’s Day that we’ve been together, my husband always wishes me a happy day and thanks me. I’m pretty freaking lucky.

I love this day. It’s a reminder that women are so powerful and have such influence. In fact, it’s an inspiration for me to keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve been struggling a LOT recently balancing a whole new area of nursing, my life, my business, and my blog/social media accounts and have been completely burning myself out.


So today, I’m taking a moment to realign with what it is that I want to do and to inspire you to do the same.

We all have unique talents and gifts. I believe one of my God-given gifts is for writing. Growing up, writing papers never scared me; in fact, I could easily write out a long report in a couple hours, where my classmates would take days. When I was little, I remember sitting at the computer and typing up stories for fun. I’ve always had a love for books and have enjoyed just hanging out at bookstores since I was a kid.

Timehop recently reminded me that I’ve wanted to be a blogger for years. However insecurity, a lack of confidence, and my introvertedness kept me from sharing my voice with the world. Then, last year, I decided to take a leap into health coaching (that would eventually lead me to blogging)  – which was absolutely terrifying.

I remember posting on my Facebook page for the first time that I was enrolled in this program, and I remember shaking as I hit “send.” I was prepared for the worst: I thought people would think I was a fool. But I was wrong.


The amount of love and support I got was overwhelming. I sat in my car and had a good cry in the Hannaford parking lot. It was at that moment that I decided I was not going to let fear dictate my life anymore.


That’s what I want for you.

If there’s something you’ve been dreaming about, today is the day you need to start going for it. There is always something you can do, right now, to get you one step closer to that dream. If you’ve dreamt of a bangin’ body for summertime, suck it up and invest in that gym membership or nutritionist or whatever. If you’ve dreamt of a new career, start looking on Indeed. If you’ve dreamt of that fairytale relationship, put away your pride and sign up for that dating app. If you’ve dreamt of becoming a Youtube sensation, make that first video.

We all fear failure. Even the most daring among us probably have that fear somewhere in the back of their minds. I still have that fear in the back of my mind every day. But are you going to let it control you? I have some bad news: if you’re not doing something because you fear failure, you’re already failing.


Ouch, right?


It’s true, though! You were not created to sit on the sidelines. I know I said it in my previous blog post, but find your gift or your passion, and start pursuing it now. There will never be a perfect time. There will never be enough money. Do It now. Remember – it doesn’t have to be some grand act of courage. Do something small, but the key is to do something.

So ladies, on a day that celebrates us as women, use it to catapult you in the direction of your dreams. Have courage. Be the kind of woman you admire. Use your beauty, strength, talents, voice, and heart to create a better life, a better world.


There’s no time like the present.


Happy International Women’s Day!



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