I’m not here to preach my faith to you.

I’m here to encourage you to explore your own.

In my health coaching education, we were taught that there are 5 areas to your life:

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Love & relationships
  4. Career
  5. Spirituality

When I first started school, I totally understood 1-4. But was 5 really necessary? I didn’t think so, so I never really explored it deeper. Sure, I was a Christian on the surface and I went to church when I could, but that was about it. Was faith really so important that it was one of the 5 big areas of life?

Thinking about it now, I can barely understand where I was coming from back then. My faith has grown a lot over the past year with all of the changes I’ve experienced, and I’ve realized how crucial it is to my overall happiness and well-being. Without my faith, I wouldn’t have the courage to have started down this career path and become a blogger and have a presence on social media. For a painfully shy introvert, that stuff is scary!

This Sunday, the pastor at my church said something that struck me. Obviously I don’t remember his EXACT words, but here’s what I do remember:

We all need something to believe in that is bigger than our problems.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own little bubbles of worries. Like when your phone battery dies and you don’t have a charger. Like when the fruit you just bought turned out to be bad. Like when you feel sick because you ate too much sugar. Like when your kid throws a tantrum and poops on the floor. Like when the wifi isn’t working. Like when you’re so bored and you don’t know what to do….

Is solving all of those little problems the only thing you’re living for?

Believing in something bigger than yourself gives you perspective: is this really going to matter days from now? Years from now?

Am I using the time I’m given wisely?

Am I bringing goodness into someone else’s life? To the world?

Do you trust that if you have faith, things will start to look up? That if you decide to take a leap, you could soar?

This blog post is purposely short. Like I said, I’m not here to spout my beliefs at you. I’m challenging you to think. What are you living for? Why are you living for it? How are you spending your time? Where do your worries lie?

Our lives are short. If we live only for ourselves, we will always feel like we’re missing something.

Look beyond your walls.

It’s a beautiful world out there, no matter who you believe created it.



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