As I knew it would, taking this short break helped me reset and redefine what I want to do with my life, blog, social media, and business. It took a solid week of letting go of everything for me to realize what, exactly, was missing and where things needed to change. As my first blog post after my personal reset, I want to share with you the 10 things I learned from stepping away:

  1. I want to be more creative, not do what I “should” be doing.

I was starting to feel trapped in the coach-and-entrepreneur-persona, and inspiration was seriously lacking. I went back and read a few of my blog posts from a year ago, and they were so good! It was when I had just started, and the content I created was so valuable. I didn’t know what I was “supposed” to be doing at that time, so I just did what my heart told me, and the outcome was brilliant.

From now on, I think you’ll probably notice a change in some of my blog posts. I’m planning on getting much more creative, less information and “how-to” sort of blog posts. You can read those all over the internet, and I want to give you (and me) something new and exciting! Creativity is an area I have struggled in more and more as the years carry on, so now I plan on working to change that.

  1. I wasn’t doing things I was passionate about anymore.

Things I’m “supposed” to do to grow my business: post in networking groups multiple times a day, post to my own FB/Instagram/group 3-5 times a day, make daily offers, find networking events, blog at least once a week, continue my education, learn about funnels, ads, etc…

Things I dreaded doing: post in networking groups multiple times a day, post to my own FB/Instagram/group 3-5 times a day, make daily offers, find networking events, blog at least once a week, continue my education, learn about funnels, ads, etc…

I saw a quote recently that said if you’re not enjoying your work, you’ll never be successful. How true that is! I decided that it’s time for me to create my own path to success. I may not know where the path goes or how to get there, but I’ll work to carve my own trail!

  1. I need to listen to that inner voice rather than “shush-ing” it.

I think that for a while now, I’ve known that something needed to change. I scroll past pictures from a few months to a year ago, and I’ve noticed one big difference: my smile doesn’t always reach my eyes. A year ago, I was excited and optimistic about this new path, but the trials of life have gotten me quite down. There’s been that voice that has been trying to tell me to try something different, but I shut it up real quick because all the “experts” told me to not “reinvent the wheel.” Well, screw you and your wheel.

  1. I need to make FUN a priority in my life.

I was becoming bitter. I could barely remember what it was like to truly have a day off, where I wasn’t checking emails or creating content or networking. I envied those who had free time and were off adventuring, while I was glued to my computer screen. I realized that I was the only thing standing in my way, and it was up to me to make fun one of the biggest priorities in my life. It certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the bottom of my list.

  1. Let go of the “to-do” list.

Speaking of lists… I really had to let go of my detailed to-do lists. Before this break, I would have weeks planned in advance, and if I wasn’t staying on track, I would get exceedingly frustrated with myself. Then the negative self talk would begin, along with the temptation to throw everything away. I need to remember to stop. Breathe. Just be. It’s okay.

  1. Stop idolizing others and their stories and success

“I made $5832058209 in 3 days!” “I quit my job in 4 weeks and now I’m traveling the world!” “I just bought my dream home after landing all of my high-paying dream clients with a single email!” And here I am…. Still living off a nurse’s salary, making ends meet but feeling trapped by a schedule and a lack of PDO and tight-ish purse strings. I’ve been at this for a solid year, yet I haven’t made the financial impact that other’s had. What was I doing wrong???

Answer: Trying to do what everyone else is doing. That has been my biggest problem. Their success is amazing, but I truly believe that God has his own plan for success for me, I just need to be patient and follow my heart – not someone else’s marketing plan. My own flavor of achievement will be much sweeter than tasting someone else’s.

  1. I enjoy sharing and teaching and connecting with others.

I realized that while I enjoyed my time away, I did miss connecting with other people and inspiring and teaching. Even if I were to never make another penny from blogging or business, if I could positively impact other people’s lives, I think that would be enough. Hearing, “because of you, I was able to…..” is priceless.

  1. I’m the biggest self-sabotager.

Confession time! Because I was feeling like such a big flop in my business, I was letting my own physical health go. I’ve had issues with emotional and binge eating that have only gotten worse over the past few years, and I was letting them control me. Over the past few weeks, it’s been a real struggle. Thinking about it, my perceived lack of success in my business made me feel like I probably couldn’t be successful in much else, might as well let my physical self go…. And then came a good 10 lbs, and how could I ever be a successful health coach if I let myself gain that weight?

….I’m the biggest self sabotager…. But no more!

  1. Focus on the present

This time last year, I was doing a lot of yoga. I was practicing almost daily, and it was my quiet time. No distractions, no cell phone, no social media – just me, my yoga mat, a cool, dark room, and occasionally my cat.

Over the past year, I’ve lost that. With losing my practice, I lost my peace that went along with it. I forgot what it was like to just sit and breathe. This was also my time for gratitude, and when I lost that, I think that bitterness crept in and took its place.

I realized over the past few days how important it is to be grateful. I’m prone to stress, which means I get very irritable very quickly in even minor situations (just ask my husband…. Lol). When this happens, I need to stop. Breathe. Be thankful for each breath. And while I’m at it, think of 5 other amazing things that are right here, right now.

  1. Take care of ME first

I didn’t even realize it, but I was slowly being pushed to the bottom of my priorities. Everything else in my life was coming first except for me. The thing is… When I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t truly showing up for everything else. The emails, the dishes, the Instagram posts….. they can all wait. What’s important is for me to step back, breathe, and figure out what I need to do for me. Most of the time, it’s nothing big: maybe take an hour at the bookstore just to sit and have a coffee, or maybe just plan on a relaxing bubble bath tonight. It’s okay to do these things. It’s okay.

I know this post is a little lengthy, but I hope that my time away and what I learned has revealed something that maybe you need to be doing, too. I think that we get so carried away in what we are “supposed” to do or be, that we forget – and even lose – who we really are. It’s not selfish or bad to prioritize and take time for yourself. In fact, I think that the world might be a little brighter if we all did.

All my love,


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